The decision on nomination Roizman in Sverdlovsk governors can be challenged

The decision on nomination Roizman in Sverdlovsk governors can be challenged

The Federal Bureau of the “Yabloko” nominated mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman as a candidate for Governor of the Sverdlovsk region. The nomination was to take place on Saturday at the regional party conference, but there was no quorum due to the withdrawal from the meeting of the head of Department Yury Pereverzev and nine delegates.

The conference was deliberately disrupted, said the founder of “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky. He said that the party leadership had informed Pereverzeva, the decision to endorse Roizman on elections of the Governor and requested to expedite the conference, because it is necessary to collect signatures of municipal deputies.

In addition to Roizman in the elections is going to participate the acting Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev and the five other candidates. To register you need to collect 126 signatures of municipal deputies in 71 of the 94 municipalities. Roizman admits that now there is no required number of available signatures, but, “maybe, at least will draw attention to the issue of the municipal filter and to seek its abolition through the courts”. To move from the “Apple” wanted these elections and the businessman Sergei Tyurikov, however, Yavlinsky was supported Roizman, noting that he simultaneously fought “with the authorities and with drug trafficking”.

Regional media reported on Wednesday that the decision on the nomination Roizman can be challenged by the election Committee, since by his decree such decision shall be made at the Congress, and in the cases stipulated by the Charter party, its regional branch. According to the law on political parties in the absence of a regional office (a Bureau of the “Yabloko” at the same meeting, suspended the powers of its governing bodies) a candidate may nominate a collegial governing body of the party, but this applies only to elections for regional parliaments and municipal bodies.

Chairman of Sverdlovsk regional election Committee Valery Dummies told “Vedomosti” that “the secret ballot in the meeting of the Bureau were observed, the alternative was, nine out of ten voted for Roizman”. “With regard to the competence of the conference, we will evaluate, when will the documents for nomination. Position of election commissions — in the Affairs of the party not to intervene, our task is to assess the legality of nomination and compliance with procedures,” he says.

Roizman need somewhere to grow, he has a sense of stagnation in the post of mayor and he missed public policy, said political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov: “Maybe take it somewhere else, if you fail to sign up now. The rejection of the competitive scenario in the Sverdlovsk region is irrational, it is a consequence of the feeling of weakness of the candidate. In case of refusal to register any cons for Roizman will not, besides, it can always be attributed to the machinations and intrigues.”