Vilfand considered conspiracy the idea of when bad weather with climatic weapons

Roman Vilfand

The head meteorologist Roman Vilfand said it was impossible to influence the weather by using climate weapons. About it reports “Interfax”.

“God forbid, no conspiracy. It is simply impossible. There are scientific studies that show that man yet, thank God, is not available the energy that exists in the atmosphere. It is impossible to influence,” — said Vilfand.

As reported Agency city news “Moscow”, Vilfand explained by frequent change of weather in Moscow and global warming. The meteorologist said that it “is uneven: the least noticeable in the Equatorial regions and in the polar — most prominently”. “Accordingly, the difference between the temperature at the Equator and the Arctic circle is reduced, which causes a circulation in the atmosphere, which lead to the constant variability of weather,” he added.

The meteorologist predicted that the background temperature in Moscow in June will be below the norm by 2-2,5 degrees. However, summer weather will return to the region by Monday, June 26, — it is expected that the air warms up to 22 degrees.

This summer in the capital has repeatedly declared a yellow level weather risk, also there were several temperature records. In particular, the 15th of June was the coldest summer day in Moscow over the past 138 years. The last time such temperatures were recorded in 1879 and was 9.9 degrees Celsius.