The Kremlin responded to rumors of forgery shows Putin stone video

Oliver stone and Vladimir Putin

In the film, an interview with the American Director Oliver stone, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin shows real footage of the Russian air force in Syria. The corresponding statement was made by press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. His words to the correspondent “”.

“I can confirm that this is indeed the Ministry of defence. This part of the report to the President, the defense Minister [Sergei Shoigu] gave it to the President. Some part was demonstrated by President Oliver stone”, — said Peskov.

He assured that the spread in the network the message “incorrect and inappropriate”.

Reporters also asked the representative of the Kremlin, on whose mobile was played live, as Putin mentioned earlier that do not use smartphones. Peskov said that the device belongs to one of the employees, “ensuring the work of the President”.

In the third part of a four-part film stone Russian leader shows the Director a record from the phone, explaining that it is “the work of our aircraft.” On the question of American “who on earth?” Putin says: “They [the militants] are fleeing with the weapon, some in the hands of not just the machines, but also more serious weapon to destroy armored vehicles”. Stone adds that fought these fighters before in Afghanistan? The President says, “Where they not only fought, is an international bandits.” He also points out that the terrorists in the video are trying to get to Syria from Turkey.

The moment in a very abbreviated form is in the trailer for the American TV channel Showtime, which premiered pattern. In most tape series episode closer to the end.

Video: Max Mishchenko / Facebook

In the network there were reports that the record demonstrates a us Apache helicopter by the Taliban in Afghanistan. In particular, the Facebook user Max Mishchenko claims that the Apache video from five years ago is known and it can’t be confused.