Putin extended the powers of the business Ombudsman Titov

Boris Titov

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the reappointment for a new term of the Commissioner at the head of the state to protect the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov. Relevant document published on the Kremlin website on Wednesday, June 20.

Titov took office on 22 June 2012, becoming the first business Ombudsman in Russia. His expertise includes the organization of work on restoration of the violated non-judicial state authorities of the rights of businessmen, the settlement of disputes between the business community and the authorities.

Business Ombudsman may become a Russian citizen not younger than 30 years with higher education. After the appointment he is forbidden to engage in entrepreneurial activities and to run for the legislature. In this case he is allowed to belong to political parties and public associations. Titov is Chairman of the “party of Growth”.