The deputies allowed the FSO to close the personal data of protected persons

The deputies allowed the FSO to close the personal data of protected persons

The state Duma adopted in the third reading a bill expanding the powers of the Federal security service (FSS), reports the Agency “Moscow”.

The amendments give the state security organs the right to use free of charge airports, airfields, heliports, landing areas, sea and river ports, and to receive on a Pro Bono basis providing flight and navigation. FSO employees will have the right temporarily to restrict or prohibit the movement of vehicles and pedestrians protected routes and will be allowed to “provide security for parked aircraft and other vehicles used for transport services and (or) the security of state protection”.

After the law comes into force, the FSO employees will be allowed to place in the media and on the Internet information, including photos, videos and other materials about themselves, other officers of the state guard to disclose the affiliation to the organs of the state, on his or her activities or activities of bodies of the state guard. They will also include in the list of persons subject to mandatory state fingerprint registration.

The amendments will give the SSF the right to determine the list of items prohibited to be carried and taken on protected objects.

The bill stipulates the right of the FSO “to take measures for personal data protection of objects of the state guard and members of their families.”

The processing of such data may be carried out with the consent of protected persons, or with the consent of the authorities of the state, except the personal data subject to publication or mandatory disclosure in accordance with Federal laws.

The bill gives employees FSO right “to bare arms and bring it in readiness, if in the current situation, there may be reasons for its use,” for example, if detained with weapons drawn closer to him or touch the weapon of the FSO. In a situation of self-defense and when absolutely necessary the members of the SSF will be entitled in the absence or inability (inappropriate) use of special facilities or weapons shall be entitled to use any means available (including transport), reports TASS.

Misconduct, as a result of which FSO employees will violate the law on gosohrany or the code of ethics of the FSO, as well as the mismatch of staff requirements to their personal and professional qualifications established by law, “serve as the basis for dismissal from service or from work in the organs of state security”, according to the bill.

Grounds for denial of admission to the service in bodies of the state guard or for dismissal from the FSO be the release from criminal penalties, drugs, or spice without a doctor’s prescription, as well as engage in entrepreneurial activities.