Ukraine has offered US the contract for the Donbass

Ukraine has offered US the contract for the Donbass

Petro Poroshenko materialized in Washington, the plan for the settlement.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko paid a visit to Washington, the format of which remained unclear. In Kiev said about “working visit” and “a full half-hour talks with Donald trump”. In turn, American officials said that the President “looked” in the Oval office to Donald Trump along with Vice-President Mike Pence. The only published evidence of communication between the two leaders began the half-minute video, which Donald trump calls Ukraine “a place in which we are heavily involved,” but Petro Poroshenko said about the USA and their President as “the sponsors of the Ukrainian success story”. As it became known “” from a source close to the administration of Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian leader tried to keep US as one of the sponsors of Kiev, trying to “material interest of Donald trump in the conflict settlement in Donbass”.

“Moment of glory” of President Poroshenko, who said that Kiev extended to support “fantastic” lasted about 30 seconds. On posted in the Internet videos of Donald trump said that he was “a great honour to welcome President Poroshenko”, and recalls “a large U.S. role in Ukrainian Affairs, which we all read a lot”.

Responding in English to the proposal of the President of trump “to say something,” Petro Poroshenko calls his country the largest in Europe (apparently, he was referring to the territory and was not considered in this case Russia) and “success story, one of the sponsors of which were the US and its President.”

In their official statements and interviews following the meeting Peter Poroshenko, and the Ukrainian Ambassador in Washington Valeriy Chaly emphasized the “full nature” of the negotiations and that the conversation was not Protocol and study, and “filled with content”. Among the topics discussed at the White house, the Ukrainian side highlights the situation in the Donbass, the Crimea, the need to maintain sanctions against Russia, deepening cooperation between Washington and Kiev, including in the military sphere, reforms and combating corruption in Ukraine.

The American side this interpretation of events is not denied, but not confirmed — afternoon on Tuesday on the White house website did not produce any reports on the negotiations with the President of Ukraine, with the exception of a short video.

Petro Poroshenko tried to interest Donald trump in the conflict settlement in the Donbass, offering contracts for its restoration to American companies.

Informally interlocutors “” in Kiev recognize that the preparation of the visit took place not as rosy as it may seem, judging by the optimistic statements to the press. According to one of Kommersant’s sources, until the last moment the Ukrainian side was not clear, whether held in General meeting of the President of trump with Petro Poroshenko, and if so, in what format. “This is a limbo created some nervousness — says the source “b” in Kiev.— We knew neither the time nor the format of the meeting and were ready for any scenario”.

Since communication between presidents Poroshenko and the former minimized, a more substantive discussion on the situation in the country and the conflict in the Donbass took place in the other Washington meetings of the leader of Ukraine’s talks with Vice-President Mike Pence, Secretary Rex Tillerson and defense Minister James Mattis.

According to a source “” close to the presidential administration of Ukraine, the team of Petro Poroshenko, has prepared a plan that aims “material interest in the team of Donald trump in the conflict settlement in the South-East of Ukraine.”

Since trump is a businessman, and we are adopting a business approach — explains interlocutor “Kommersant”.— The essence of our proposal lies in the fact that 90% of all contracts for the restoration of the destroyed infrastructure of Donbass will go to American firms. But for this, of course, it is necessary that the Donbass back under the control of Ukraine. This will not happen without active involvement in the process of Washington and without additional pressure on Moscow from the administration trump.

Sergey Strokan Maxim Yusin; Yanina Sokolovskaya, Kyiv