The new composition of the Public chamber approved by the governing bodies and outlined work plans

A meeting of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation of the sixth convocation

© Stoyan Vasev/TASS

MOSCOW, June 19. /TASS/. The new, sixth member of Public chamber (OP) Russia on Monday started work. At the first plenary meeting, the members OP elected governing bodies of Commerce Secretary, his deputies, approved the list of commissions and legkomyslennyh groups and their chairmen.

The public chamber operates in Russia since 2005. It is elected every three years, its purpose is to help the interaction of citizens and public associations with bodies of state power and local self-government to defend the interests of citizens, protect their rights and freedoms in the formation and implementation of state policy, and to ensure public control over activity of authorities.

As reported the press service of the President of the Russian Federation, June 20 with members OP the Kremlin to meet Vladimir Putin.

The chamber formed new

During the existence OP the principles of its formation changed several times.

Currently, it includes 168 people, selected according to three quotas.

The formation of a new OP began on 20 March, when it was published the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the formation of the first section of the chamber 40. During the second stage in the OP was delegated representatives of regional public chambers. The process of formation of new structure OP the 6th of June, when the vote on the candidates in 14 areas of public activity was formed a third part of it.

According to statistics, the composition of the house has been updated by 65% and increased the share of women in the same composition, there were 25% new – 33%.

“The new composition of the OP included a lot of people from industry, public and professional organizations – teachers, athletes, scientists and so on. This is civil society,” – said TASS political analyst Dmitry Gusev. In his opinion, this “difference of this structure from the previous”. Another difference he believes the increase in chamber number of young people of 30-40 years, i.e. “in the most active age, when there is already an experience, and a desire to change something”.

In addition, observers repeatedly drew attention to the strengthening of the wing expert in the new composition of the OP Russia.

The leader of the independent examination

It is no coincidence that members of the new composition of the house said about the need to bring a new level of public examination, to improve the attention of the authorities to the conclusions of experts.

According to member OP Sergey Rybalchenko, an important activity of the chamber is a “public examination and assessment of the regulatory impact of management decisions”. In his opinion, it is important that the expert opinions “were the managers, the authorities who make decisions”. “I will ensure that our solutions, which will be adopted in the framework of the examination, public scrutiny, was the appropriate answers that would allow us to build a dialogue and to move on,” said Rybalchenko TASS.

Promising think the OP work in this direction and scientists. “In the new format, the Public chamber will be one of the leading independent expert institutions from society,” – said TASS Director of the research programme of the expert group PieR Alexander Seravin.

He believes that in the relationship between OP and government institutions, the chamber will be guided by the principle of “criticizing – suggest”. “For the Public chamber, I think it’s the Golden principle, and I am sure that they will fulfill it,” – said the Agency interlocutor.