Student of KHMAO told about the discontent with Putin’s response to his question on corruption

Daniel Prilep

Student from Nefteyugansk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) Daniel Prilep spoke about his dissatisfaction with the answer of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to his question on corruption. On Friday, June 16, RIA Novosti reported.

The young man noted that the dissatisfaction he, “like many citizens,” caused a “lack of specifics” in the speech of the President. The young man admitted that he personally with the corruption he encountered.

June 15, during the direct line with Putin have passed in 10th class Prilepa asked the President about why the fight against corruption in the country is not conducted effectively. He also expressed the opinion that “flashy landing under house arrest” does not give results. In addition, the student is told how “the consequences of negligence” hurt his family turn to the right to receive subsidies for housing officers, he said, is moving very slowly.

Before proceeding to the answer, the President asked himself if Daniel had prepared a question to him or someone suggested text. This young man retorted that his “life has prepared”. After that, the President promised to investigate the situation with the provision of housing to employees of the interior Ministry for KHMAO. Speaking about corruption, Putin acknowledged that the matter is urgent, and added that no offence should not remain without attention of the state and punishment.

“As regards home arrest or real terms, it is a question which should be determined by the court depending on each specific situation and blame the person who committed the offense,” — said Putin. He is urged to rely on the work of the judicial system, at the same time acknowledging that it needs to be improved.