Putin has portrayed the waiter during the filming of stone

Oliver stone and Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin during the filming of Oliver stone played by American Director. This episode was included in the fourth and final part of the documentary “Interview with Putin”, which was shown on Showtime on Thursday, June 15.

During the rehearsal the Director told Putin how to line up the scene: where the sides meet and where you sit to talk. “Can there, with the balcony to go down,” said the Russian leader. However, the stone took him into the corridor with the words: “I like there — it adds depth.”

The filmmaker had planned to meet Putin halfway in jest suggested to pretend they haven’t seen for several months.

When the shooting began, stone repeatedly gave the command “Motor”, but Putin is not out of the corridor. Then the Director turned to the translator with a request to translate into Russian the phrase “Action” (“Motor”). “We start shooting, Mr President,” called the President a translator. However, the Russian President still came out and winked at the camera.

“He’s gone to another meeting” — disappointedly said stone. At this point in the hall finally, Putin appears with two cups in his hands. “Coffee, sir!” — says Russian President under the laughter of the Director.

Oliver stone worked on this film for over two years, during this time, was recorded a dozen interviews — dozens of hours of pure time. In the Kremlin assured that I do not know how the Director put together the final material.

In Russia, the picture will show the First channel. The film, in which four of the series, will be broadcast from 19 to 22 June.