Shuvalov predicted a shorter working week

Igor Shuvalov

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov admitted that in the future thanks to technology, the workweek will be reduced, reports “Interfax”.

“Technology and the associated growth in labor productivity does not necessarily lead to higher unemployment. More likely, as happened in the twentieth century, will decrease the duration of the working week,” he said. The first Vice-Premier added that it concerns not only material production but also the so-called white collar workers who “often live in conditions of irregular working time”.

Shuvalov stressed that the consequence of these processes is to increase the amount of free time people have. In particular, they will pay more attention to their own development, which will increase the demand for education and health.

Earlier in June, the labor Minister of Russia Maxim Topilin admitted that in the XXI century with the use of robots standard working day can be significantly reduced. “It will be four hours, maybe five, maybe six, I don’t know. Maybe someday we two hours everything will work out, and then go about their business,” — said the Minister. He stressed that to fully replace the human robots can’t.