In fact the death of a baby in the St. Petersburg Park prosecuted

Aid in Yuntolovsky region

In St. Petersburg opened a criminal case of murder after the discovery in Yuntolovo Park an elderly woman with a dead baby. This was reported in the Friday, June 16, on the website of the Central Board of the Investigative Committee of Russia in St. Petersburg.

The disappearance of a woman after a one-month girl to the police on the evening of 15 June, the local reported. According to the man, 54-year-old relative went for a walk in the Park with his daughter, and then stopped to answer the phone.

Missing was discovered on June 16 at about 04:00 Moscow time on the territory of the Park. In search involved more than 400 emergency workers and volunteers search and rescue team.

According to the Federal Agency news (FAN), a missing woman Marina Mirgaleeva. Rescuers found her in a state of shock. According to preliminary data, she tried to commit suicide. The baby, presumably, was strangled.

As reported by channel five, the first words found the women were: “my child the world does not need! We bring evil!” Mirgaleeva was hospitalized with hypothermia and large blood loss. It is planned to send her for psychological and psychiatric examination.