Putin has rejected the allegation of “manual control” in Russia

Vladimir Putin during a straight line answered dozens of questions

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not agree with the view that the state is acting in the mode of “manual control”. He declared it in interview to the program “week” on TV channel NTV, reports on Sunday, June 18, TASS.

So the head of state commented on the basis of a straight line, held on June 15. Putin has rejected the allegation that the regional authorities are not working and problems have to be solved through the intervention of the Federal government.

“Of course, many people want to use this opportunity to convey to me their concern, pain, or even a request to formulate. Nothing special, all the more so, indeed, sometimes it is quite difficult to break into the regional or municipal level. But this does not mean that we have colleagues in the regions and municipalities do not work”, — said the President.

Putin also noted that it sees fit drawing a straight line, as in the event issues arise that require attention from the government and even the President. “That’s why and held events such as a straight line, to feel this heat to feel this nerve. I think it’s useful work,” — suggested the head of state.

On June, 15th Vladimir Putin held a four-hour direct line, which answered 68 questions and responded to a number of citizens.