Detained in North Korea yacht Katalexa will return to Primorye on Monday

Russian yacht Katalexa, detained by border guards of the DPRK, should arrive in Vladivostok on Monday morning. It is reported TASS with reference to the Maritime rescue coordination centre.

The Ministry said that direct communication with sailors they have, however, the agent says about the plans for the arrival of the ship at 08:00 local time (01.00 GMT) on June 19.

Earlier it was reported that Katalexa detained in the northwestern part of the sea of Japan. On Board are three crew members. The ship was distilled from Taiwan to the island of Russian in Vladivostok. Last time on the boat has received information from the South Korean port of Pohang, in which she went along the way.

According to North Korean diplomats, local fishermen showed “excessive vigilance” in the framework of the campaign against poachers, reported the ship allegedly violating the border of North Korea, the border service, TASS.

13 may 2016, the Russian yacht “Elfin” was arrested by North Korean coast guard 150 miles from the port of Sochi, the captain was brought aboard the boundary ship. The yacht was towed to shore.

Senior assistant captain Sergei Davidov said that the coast guard DPRK took sailors for spies. He said that in the pursuit involved two vessels present at one of them acted aggressively: they threw the Russians with stones, chairs and bottles. On his return to Russia, the crew expressed the desire to demand that Pyongyang half a million dollars for moral damage.

In 1977, the DPRK established the 200-mile Maritime economic zone.