Putin admitted that “nothing revolutionary” in the “Straight line” is not recognized

Putin admitted that “nothing revolutionary” in the “Straight line” is not recognized

VLADIVOSTOK, June 18. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that did not know “nothing revolutionary” in the “straight line”, held on June 15.

“I learned something new, and this is natural, because it is direct communication with people. But to say that for me, there was some very revolutionary discovery, I can not say, because I still continuously involved in these issues”, — he told in interview to the program “week” on NTV, answering the question of whether a new lot was opened during the “straight line”.

The President also expressed disagreement with the statement that the country is “on manual” and a regional power does not work. “Of course, many people want to use this opportunity to convey to me their concern, pain, or even a request to formulate. Nothing special, all the more so, indeed, sometimes it is quite difficult to break into the regional or municipal level. But this does not mean that we have colleagues in the regions and municipalities do not work,” he said.

“We just do not see this work, because the appeal only to those who have not yet solved their problems. But a huge number of people still live and they have something turns out, and this provides just the heads of the regional and municipal level. Therefore, I would not say that only all in manual control, manual mode is done,” added the President.