Putin praised Bush for refusing to overthrow Hussein

Vladimir Putin

Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush was right in how he responded to the aggression by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. This opinion in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin. His words on Friday, June 16, according to RIA Novosti, familiar with the transcript of the film.

“Some said he ought to go further and topple Saddam Hussein… President Bush was right to do what he did. He was circumspect. He responded to the aggression and stopped at the right time,” said the Russian leader.

Meanwhile, Putin stressed that a further decision to send Iraq American troops to overthrow Hussein was a “mistake”.

2 August 1990 was an attack of Iraq to Kuwait. In response to the aggression of Iraq on 17 January 1991, the United States on the resolution of the UN Security Council launched operation “desert Storm”. The operation lasted 41 days. On the morning of 28 February 1991 on the initiative of U.S. hostilities ceased on 6 March an armistice was concluded.

On 20 March 2003, US troops and the UK has again initiated military action against Iraq. On 17 April the government of Saddam Hussein finally fell. The Iraqi leader was arrested on 13 December 2003 in the basement of a village house near the village of Al-Daur. October 19, 2005 on him the trial began. 30 December 2006 Hussein was executed.

George Herbert Walker Bush — 41st President of the United States, who held the post from 1989 to 1993. His son, George Walker Bush — 43rd President of the United States who held the post in the years 2001-2009.