Putin accused the U.S. of meddling in Russian elections

Vladimir Polypropolene: the Russian President told stone about his attitude to Stalin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US has always interfered in elections in Russia, particularly aggressive — in 2012. He told this in an interview, which was shown in the film directed by Oliver stone “Interview with Putin” on the TV channel Showtime on Thursday, June 15.

To question the Director about whether the U.S. interfered in elections in Russia, followed by the President’s answer: “in 2000, and in 2012-m has Always been, but in 2012 this was especially aggressive.”

“I will not go American partners know about it, me and [former us Secretary of state John] Kerry said and [former President Barack] Obama said. It is difficult for us to imagine that foreign service officers aggressively entered the election campaign in Russia. Well were collected at opposition forces and financed, went to all sorts of opposition rallies. The diplomatic service needs to do something else, the diplomatic service must establish interstate relations”, — said Putin.

“Non-governmental organizations, Yes, you can do whatever you like, and any national origin, while NGOs are often funded through a number of “strips” and structures — whether from the state Department, or other quasi-public sources throughout the former Soviet Union, in Eastern Europe and in many other countries. In Africa the same thing happens in Latin America,” said the Russian President.

On the night of June 16 broadcast of the American TV channel Showtime has released the fourth part of the film “Interview with Putin” (The Moscow Interviews). In Russia, the picture will show the First channel. The film, in which four of the series, will be broadcast from 19 to 22 June.