In the state Duma inexperienced members will help write the laws

In the state Duma inexperienced members will help write the laws

In the state Duma creates two new structures that will help to improve the quality of the bills, told the President Vyacheslav Volodin. The expert Council on legislation will be made to evaluate initiatives, and a new Department in a legal office committed to writing the laws for beginners.

Until the end of the spring session, with the Chairman of the state Duma will be formed expert Council on legislation, which will include representatives of the business community, higher education institutions and the deputies, said at a press briefing the Chairman of the lower chamber Vyacheslav Volodin. “There will about 25 people,” he said, adding that the Council will act on a voluntary basis and will be engaged in “examination of resonant bills.”

Recommendations the experts will prepare already submitted to the Duma initiatives, and not only parliamentary, but also the bills of the government, the Supreme court, regional parliaments.

To help the experts will be “on a variety of issues — budgetary, tax, tariff policy, on issues of civil rights,”Vyacheslav Volodin

Of the deputies of the Advisory Council will consist of the first Vice-speaker Alexander Zhukov, the head of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov, head of the Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the Committee on natural resources Nikolay Nikolaev (from the faction “United Russia”), Communist, head of the agricultural Committee Vladimir Kashin and head of the Committee on ekonompolitike Sergei Zhigarev (LDPR).

“To improve the quality of the upcoming members of the bills” in the legal Department of the state Duma by the beginning of autumn session it will create a new Department to support legislative initiatives, said the speaker. The Duma legal Department gives opinion on introduced bills on their conformity with the Constitution and regulations of the Duma. Department, according to the plan Volodin, will help MPs, including beginners, to write high-quality laws. No binding in the coordination of the documents prepared by the division can not be, and it is created only “to expand the options for aid”, said the speaker.

The need to improve the quality of introduced bills Volodin said at the beginning of this year. He initiated amendments to the regulations, including imposing additional restrictions on the scandalous and controversial bills. Amendments recommended to the deputies to pre-notify their groups about the bills.

These documents appeared after the deputies made a number of controversial initiatives, including amendments to the police act, authorizing the use of weapons in the crowd, which are then the authors had to withdraw.

Criticism of the factional leadership has caused and the bill of United Russia Vitaly Milonov on registration in social networks on the passport.

In the Duma the opposition is a radical improvement in the quality of the bills don’t see. Deputy Alexey Chicken (Communist party) has not yet noticed an increase in the quality of the received bills or support from the Council in writing. “Usually the legal Department in its conclusions on the initiative of the opposition deputies only write, why they can not accept,” — he said RBC. In the view of his colleague on fraction Nikolay kolomeytsev, these proposals “a PR, and nothing more.”

Assistance to legal Department deputies needed, says political analyst Konstantin Kalachev, because the current convocation of the state Duma has updated more than half. As for the Council, the creation of an expert platform for discussion of draft laws will contribute to enhancing the authority of the state Duma, he said.