Putin spoke about U.S. interference in the presidential elections in Russia

Putin spoke about U.S. interference in the presidential elections in Russia

Moscow. June 16. INTERFAX.RU — Vladimir Putin said that the US has always interfered in the presidential elections in Russia. This is alluded in the last part of the documentary by Oliver stone about the Russian leader, which on Thursday showed the Showtime channel.

“In 2000, and in 2012 — always has been. But in 2012, especially aggressive. I will not go”, — Putin said, adding that us diplomats were also involved.

According to the President, they “collected at opposition forces” and “went to all sorts of opposition rallies”.

He stated that he had spoken with Barack Obama and John Kerry (who was then Secretary of state).

At the same time, speaking about the accusations in the Moscow’s intervention in the American elections, Putin said that “it is difficult to imagine any other party, even including a country like Russia, could seriously affect the election campaign (if) and on its results.”

“And that unidentified hackers has revealed problems within the Democratic party, I don’t think this significantly affected the course of the election campaign and results,” — said the Russian leader.

Putin continued: “But they (the hackers — if) nothing lied, nothing is compiled, no one was fooled. The fact that the Chairwoman of the Executive Committee or as it’s called in the Democratic party — has resigned, says that she admitted that it’s true.”

“So the hackers are innocent. This is an internal problem of the United States. And those people who tried to manipulate public opinion, ought not to create an enemy image of Russia, and to apologize to the voters. But they didn’t do it,” — said the President of the Russian Federation.

In his opinion, “the American people expect any serious changes on the issue of security, combating unemployment and creating new jobs in the country.”

Responding to a question about whether he considers a dead end for Russian-American relations, the situation in which turned out to be a trump because of accusations against Russia, the Russian President said, “This is not a deadlock. This is just a personnel issue.”

Putin expressed hope that the US President, “when he plunged into the essence of problems, then it will form its own view about the upcoming process.” “I also hope that we will be able to find some point where we will understand each other”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

According to Putin, should Trump “with partners to build its position in relation to key issues, and military departments, and intelligence agencies, and with the state Department, to a certain extent and with the Republican party, and Democrats (tramp — if) needs to be considered anyhow.”

We shall meet someday for sure, but we can not hurry it.Vladimir Putin