The Federation Council may consider the law on the renovation of housing in Moscow on June 28


RIA Novosti

The Federation Council may consider the law on the renovation, providing for the resettlement of dilapidated five-story building into a new home in Moscow, at the meeting on 28 June, RIA Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Federal management Dmitry Azarov.

The state Duma will consider the document in the third reading on Wednesday.

“If the Duma passes this law today, and to us at the time received documents, we will consider it on the 28th of June,” he said.

Moscow residents for residents of apartments will be provided equivalent or equivalent dwelling, that is well room, living and total area of which is not less than the total area of the vacated apartment with the same number of rooms and cost on average 35% more expensive than the price of a vacated apartment, or monetary compensation for the liberated apartment.

The owners of apartments included in the program are exempt from the payment of contributions for the repair, and the inhabitants of communal apartments after renovation get in return room separate apartment.

In addition, the renovation project ensures that the owners of non-residential premises in the houses included in the program, at the choice of equivalent premises in the area where was located the demolished house, or cash compensation. Also, owners will have to obtain equivalent and prior compensation for those facilities that they will be withdrawn.

Moscow authorities on may 2 published a list of 4566 five-story building, which will vote on their inclusion in a program of renovation of housing. The list includes homes located in 85 districts of old Moscow and six settlements in the annexed territories. While 40 districts of old Moscow and 15 settlements new to the list are not included.

In the final version of the program can enter a smaller number in Moscow, “Khrushchev” — it will include only those houses where the inhabitants of two thirds of the apartments will vote for the renovation. In forming the list takes into account technical condition of the house and the opinion of its inhabitants in a preliminary survey. Voting began on 14 may and will end on June 15.