Kostroma the Governor has criticized the heads, not developing single-industry towns


courtesy of the press service of the Governor of the Kostroma region

The Governor of the Kostroma region Sergey Sitnikov has criticized the work of heads of the Manturovo and Galicia, where the implementation of the program of development of monotowns is very poorly and gave them two months to present the results of “real work”, reported the regional administration on Tuesday.

The head of the region said that today the leadership of the Manturovo and Galicha did not take specific measures aimed at solution of basic provisions of the program, the organization of new enterprises and creation of new jobs not related to the same existing core enterprises.

Sitnikov said that it is unacceptable that heads of urban districts to visit numerous forums and lectures in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but within municipalities there is no progress for the development of the local economy.

“You think it is possible to spend budget funds on their trips, at a time when you have not resolved the basic issues. Thereby deceiving the population, giving the impression of feverish activity, and the output you’ve got zero. To this question we return in two months, and if I don’t see the real work, then the issue will be put on your future stay in office” — appealed to the heads of the Governor.

As noted at operative meeting the Director of the regional Department of economic development Alexander Svistunov, the municipalities have no development strategies of the industries. Promising sectors to attract investors in Galicia should be food, light industry, wood processing and tourism, for Manturovo — engineering and Metalworking.

Officials urged to work actively in these areas to obtain land plots under investment area, to develop a feasibility study of future projects and offer the projects to interested parties.

“More active marketing of territories with the positioning of the competitive advantages of the municipality, free sites, connectivity to infrastructure”, — stated in the message.

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