Putin supported the proposal to expand the program “far Eastern hectare”


RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers the right idea to expand the program “far Eastern hectare” across the country, but we need to work out a system for the granting of hectare in the far East. The head of state said during a “straight line”.

“We first need to work on this system at least in the far East, you need to deal with inventory, but overall, I think the person who asks this question right, and we need to introduce, to do this, of course, very carefully so as to not have any secondary market per hectare, and that in fact our people are very talented, may acres to take, and then immediately on the secondary market will start reselling with no real treatment, although the law on acres all spelled out,” — said Putin.

“We need to end work in the far East, but the idea is correct,” — said the President of Russia.

Putin stressed that Russia has huge land reserves and unused for the purpose of farmland, there are over 43 million hectares.