Putin shared his dream is to see momentous events of the past

If a time machine existed, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin it would be interesting to see how it was built and developed country. The head of state on Thursday, June 15, said during a straight line.

“I am very interested to see how it was built and developed our country was built on the same St. Petersburg, as our fathers and grandfathers won in the great Patriotic war. You know, when I chronicled look, sometimes I have tears in the eyes. Of course, I would like to see it with my own eyes,” he said. He added that he would like to see the “how taken crucial decisions for the development of Russia”.

Putin noted that the use of a time machine would create a lot of issues, including ethical. For example, is it possible for something to intervene and to change the present and the future. “I think it’s better not to touch anything. Because it is something that should be, but with unknown consequences,” he said.

Straight line of the head of state in 2017, lasted almost four hours. The President answered 72 questions of the population.