SK after complaining Putin learned about the illegal construction of the landfill in Balashikha

Continued: Suburban Governor, after Putin left Kuchinsky polygon

The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has started checking information about the problem of huge dumps, approaching houses in Balashikha, after complaints from local residents to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website on Thursday, June 15.

The investigators found that the issuance of permits for construction of apartment buildings near the solid waste landfill “Kuchino” does not meet legal standards. It is noted that officials of the administration of the city district Balashikha did this in violation of the rights and interests of citizens.

During the test, the TFR will give a legal assessment to actions of officials of controlling bodies and representatives of companies-developers. According to its results will be a procedural decision.

Previously, on 15 June, Putin showed the video on the site “Kuchino”, created in 1964 and occupying almost 50 hectares. The President promised the residents to approach the authorities and government to address the issue. He noted that what happened was “the result of not following at the time of the environmental regulations and built housing where to build it was not” and added that in the near future in Moscow will be built three waste recycling plant.

The Ministry of ecology of Moscow region reported that the dump will stop accepting waste in April 2014, passed to RIA Novosti. However, according to residents, it still works.

10 June it was reported that the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to conduct an audit on the fact of environmental pollution due to dumps in the suburbs.