U.S. Congressman wounded man fired about a hundred shots

Unknown opened fire on the baseball diamond in the city of Alexandria (VA) and wounded Congressman Steve Scalise (Steve Scalise), produced from 50 to 100 shots, reports, Thursday, June 14, Fox News. The victim with a hip injury taken to hospital, his condition is not said.

The shooting lasted about 10 minutes. Injured at least five people, including one policeman. The shooter himself was also injured in the confrontation with law enforcement officers, he was hospitalized.

One of the witnesses said that before the shooting, the assailant asked the crowd at the site of people who do interval training — the Republicans or the Democrats. At this time, there were members of Congress from the Republican party — a total of about 15-20 people.

It is noted that a man used a baseball, dugout (area with benches commands between home and first or third base) as cover from the police.

Currently, the police advised the residents of Alexandria to keep away from the scene. All schools of the city were taken under heavy guard. At the same time, law enforcement officials said that the main threat has been eliminated.

Steve Scales — coordinator of the Republican party in the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States.