Tillerson said the lowest level of U.S. relations with Russia

Tillerson said the lowest level of U.S. relations with Russia

Washington needs to stabilize relations with Moscow, which deteriorated recently. The United States would like to refrain from steps that would undermine the channels of communication with Russia, said Secretary of state Tillerson.

Relations between Russia and the United States are at their lowest level ever, and continue to deteriorate, said U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said at a speech in the U.S. Senate. The authorities have the task to stabilize the relations between the two countries, Tillerson was quoted by Reuters.

Tillerson touched on the issue of sanctions against Moscow. The Secretary of state said that he “would not want to take steps which would have closed the channels of communication with Moscow.”

However, he noted that cooperation with Russia on the Syrian crisis is developing positively. “We are working in some areas, in particular, to see whether there are grounds to re-establish working relations with the Russian government that would serve our interests. Such efforts are undertaken, particularly in Syria,” Clinton said.

Speaking about relations with Russia, the Secretary of state also touched on the topic of embargo on trade in the DPRK, including fuel. According to him, Washington together with Moscow and Beijing to cooperate in this area. US authorities are considering to impose new sanctions against countries trading with Pyongyang, said Tillerson.