Gorbachev has rejected criticism of Putin in his address about the agreements with NATO

Gorbachev has rejected criticism of Putin in his address about the agreements with NATO

In an interview with Oliver stone, Vladimir Putin has called a mistake the absence of a signed agreement on non-expansion of NATO to the East.

Moscow. On 13 June. INTERFAX.RU — Former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev expressed surprise at the criticism in his address from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin concerning the need to conclude at the time the legally binding document guarantees non-expansion of NATO to the East.

As for the “mistakes” of Gorbachev, then in those conditions to even discuss such a question was legally impossible. Until July 1991, there were two military-political blocs — NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The members of the police Department, this issue was not raised.Michael Gorbatsevichi President of the USSR

Vladimir Putin, answering the question of American film Director Oliver stone about the deal of the Soviet Union and the NATO non-expansion of NATO to the East, recalled that “it was not recorded on paper,” and called it a mistake of Gorbachev.

“I wonder what caused this statement of the President of the Russian Federation”, — said in this regard, the “Interfax” Mikhail Gorbachev, stressing that we cannot forget what was done at that time in the sphere of international security, first of all.

“Held a historic meeting of the heads of the US and Soviet Union in Geneva, in Reykjavik, in Malta. They ultimately led to the creation of prerequisites and signing of the indefinite Agreement on the complete elimination of all intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF), the Treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms SNV-1, of the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe, the unification of Germany and finally to the end of the cold war” — recalled the ex-President of the USSR.

He stressed that NATO expansion started when he had long ceased to be President — the most active process was in 2000.

These things need to be fix

On Monday 12 June in the United States published the first series of the documentary by Oliver stone “Interview with Putin” (The Moscow Interviews). In it, in particular, the Director reminded the Russian President that, “according to Gorbachev and us authorities, including James Baker (U.S. Secretary of state from 1989 to 1992 — if), had a deal with the Soviet Union not to expand NATO to the East.”

“Yes. Then, when the question of German unification and the subsequent withdrawal of Soviet troops from Eastern Europe, then the officials in the United States and the NATO Secretary General, then everyone said in one of the Soviet Union can be sure that the Eastern border of NATO would not be pushed further than the current Eastern border of the German Democratic Republic”, — said Putin.

Stone asked was “is it a clear violation”. “It was not recorded on paper. This error is on the part of Gorbachev. In politics things need fixing. Even fixed things are often violated. But he just talked and decided that all of this completed. This is not so,” said Putin.