The son of the founder of Singapore was about to leave the country with family

Lee Hsien Yang

The youngest son of the founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan yew — Lee Hsien Yang — coming together with family to leave the country. On this edition of The Straits Times, said his wife.

She did not say when exactly the couple plan to leave Singapore and where they intend to go.

Sam Lee Hsien Yang, Chairman, civil aviation authority of the country, has not yet commented on the situation. However, on his page on Facebook he published a letter written with her sister.

In a statement the official said that he was being watched and in the near future he most likely will have to leave Singapore because he fears action by the authorities against themselves and spouses.

In addition, the siblings said that “no longer trust his elder brother to Prime Minister Lee Hsien moon.”

According to them, since the death of their father, Lee Kuan yew in March 2015 in Singapore, changes that “do not reflect all that fought their father.”

The Prime Minister said that he was “saddened by the unfortunate statements that have made his family”.

Lee Kuan yew died 23 March 2015 at the Central hospital of Singapore, where he was treated for pneumonia. He headed the government of the city-state since 1959, and in 1990 it was replaced by Goh Chok Tong. Under the leadership of Lee Kuan yew, Singapore became the financial center of Southeast Asia. Prime has achieved this by attracting foreign investors, the orientation of the economy towards high-tech sector, the fight against corruption and the mafia, investment in education of citizens.