The popularity ranking of trump fell to a record low

Donald Trump

Work Donald trump on the post of the President of the United States dissatisfied with 58 percent of Americans. Are these poll results Gallup International.

The White house is supported by only 36 percent of respondents. It is noted that the dissatisfaction rating is up one percent and renewed its high.

In General, for almost five months in power the popularity of trump remained at the level of 40 percent, the discontent with its activity was expressed by 54 percent of US citizens.

As reported by Gallup International, Donald trump is the only American leader whose dissatisfaction rating was 58 percent for the first six months in power. So, bill Clinton during the same period was supported by 51 percent and Barack Obama 64 percent of the country’s citizens, George W. Bush — 62 percent of Americans.

The survey was attended by 1.5 thousand people.

In April, a poll conducted by The Washington Post in conjunction with ABC News, showed that after 100 days of the presidency, Donald trump became one of the most unpopular American leaders in the entire history of the United States.