Putin found an answer dreams of a defeated Russia

Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone called dreams statements about supposedly defeated Russia. The words of the head of state leads the RT Wednesday, June 14.

Stone showed the Russian leader in the cover of the American Foreign Affairs magazine with a picture of the wounded bear and the caption, “Putin’s Russia: defeated, but still in the game” (Putin’s Russia: Down but not Out).

“Someone dreams, and someone wants to think that Putin’s Russia down. It’s their dreams. But this is not true,” said the Russian leader, stressing that the authors of such statements know it.

He suggested that among Americans and Europeans have different opinions about Russia and relations with it: “There are people who look at least 25, 30, 50 years ahead, think about some problems and threats.” However, there are those who think only of their “own political interests”, stressed the head of state.

On the night of 14 June in the air of the American TV channel Showtime released the second part of the interview of stone with Putin. In particular, the President spoke about the potential of Russia’s response to threats from NATO, independence of media and the problems of the opposition.

On 2 June, during a speech at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), Vladimir Putin stated that Western countries allow themselves to be “absolutely arrogant” interference in Russian politics.