The defense Ministry will require the new contract to report in three years on the Internet

The defense Ministry will require the new contract to report in three years on the Internet

Entered the service in the Russian army, including foreigners, according to the contract are required to report on Internet activity over the last three years. Dissenters can be brought to a disciplinary responsibility according to the bill of the Ministry of defense.

To report on themselves

Russians and foreigners coming to the contract service in the Russian army should be held accountable for their social network and activity for the previous calendar year.

We are talking about the addresses of sites and pages, where a soldier posted publicly available information and data allowing it to identify.

Unlike the contract-beginners, those who are already serving, will be obliged to report annually, but each time only for the previous year. A draft law prepared by the Ministry of defense, Tuesday, June 13, was published on the portal of normative legal acts.

In addition, the bill “may be prohibited” to post information about themselves and other soldiers to unlock their departmental affiliation. Restrictions will affect, and dissemination of information on the performance of soldiers and units.

From foreign citizens the right to serve in the Russia the contract is granted to citizens of countries belonging to the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO). Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Contractors who do not provide such information (or provide incorrect, including incomplete data) may be subject to disciplinary action, which is regulated by the law “On status of servicemen” says the bill.

Under this Federal law, the guilty can be prosecuted up to a disciplinary arrest for 30 days.

At the same time, contract military servicemen do not need to be accountable for the information published on the Internet “in the execution of official duties”.

Without recruits

Notice of the development of the project appeared on the website at the end of may. However, if was not specified, about what’s going on.

Conscripts these innovations are not affected for several reasons, said retired Colonel, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski. First, they do not have access to serious data unlike contractors who serve the institutions responsible for the compliance of state secrets. Second, draftees are not sent to hot spots or foreign groups, said the military expert.

In the explanatory note to the document says that human control is a “priority instrument” regulation of military service. And innovation, according to which the military will have to account for the social network, “will increase the quality of work with personnel”. The social network analysis will help to determine the candidate of the Russian armed forces, said the Deputy Director of the Institute of political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin.

Currently, the Russian military is not encouraged to create accounts in social networks, while many pages are still there, said earlier RBC source in the defense Ministry.

“While delete is not reported, but there are recommendations that it is impossible to place. and where it is impossible to place. For example, you cannot specify the names of military units, you cannot Shine a dislocation, can not be photographed — especially against the background of secret documents”, — explained the source of RBC, adding that this is done in the framework of information security.

For example, thanks to social networks, the media managed to obtain direct or indirect evidence of presence of Russian soldiers in 2014 in Ukraine, and in 2015 — in Syria. For example, the page in “Vkontakte” 21-year-old Ildar Maksutova of the 137-th guards regiment of the 106th guards airborne division, who died July 28, 2014, reporters found status “For Ukraine!”.

A group of investigative Conflict Intelligence Team in November of 2015 due to the photos published by the Russian military Asom Saryg-Ool, I learned that he is in Syria, in Hama province, 100 km from the airbase in Hamima. CIT also failed to see what Ayas was armed, on what technology he moved and in which direction.

The investigative group is Bellingcat based on open data from social networks came to the conclusion that in July 2014, Boeing 777, which was carrying 298 people, was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” under number 332, which is assigned to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade from Kursk.

The Western experience

Recommendations to military personnel on standards of conduct in the social networks exist in many countries. In 2008 the canadian war Department has advised his staff to pay more attention to the placement of pictures on social media because of possible espionage by the militants “al-Qaeda”.

In 2012, the report of the Australian Ministry of defense noted that the militants of the movement “Taliban” “used pictures of attractive women in their profiles on Facebook” as a way to collect information.

In 2011, the Department of public relations and social media the Pentagon has published a set of rules for behavior in social networks. In a 40-page booklet emphasized the growing importance of social networking in the modern world, their importance to communication with relatives and dissemination of information for Patriotic purposes. The training manual contained the basic rules of safe behavior on the Internet.

In 2012, a similar recommendation appeared in the UK. In addition to the warnings about the possible disclosure of classified information in the document said that “social networks help the world better understand the role of the Armed forces of the United Kingdom”. The military accounts in social networks should be encouraged, if a soldier does not violate any of the rules and conducts the page properly indicated in help.

In 2012, Israeli media reported about the intention of the military Ministry of the country to restrict access to social networks for high-ranking military personnel, and employees with a title below to prohibit the disclosure of information about military service and to upload photos to the form.

At the end of the 2015 rules of behavior in social networks there and in the Indian army. The occasion was the investigation, which revealed that one of the soldiers gave the information was a military secret, the girl he met on Facebook.

She, as it turned out, was a Pakistani spy.

After the scandal, the Indian military is advised not to use photos in the form, not to accept friend requests from foreigners, not to put pictures of weapons and not to watch pornography in social media.