The Russian diplomat described in the book the history of the liberation of Aleppo


RIA Novosti

The story of the liberation of Aleppo, Syria, in December 2016, the political intrigue that took place around the “Aleppo of the question,” covert struggle, including within the UN for the delivery of humanitarian aid in the interests of holding the Eastern districts of the city terrorists was the basis of the book “the Aleppo. War and diplomacy” published in the publishing house Abris/OLMA.

The author is the head of the political referendary of the permanent mission of Russia to the UN office in Geneva Maria khodynskaya-Golenishcheva. The diplomat represented Russia in the target groups for humanitarian and ceasefire in Syria, which meet regularly in Geneva under the auspices of the UN and co-chaired by Russia and the United States.

223 pages khodynskaya-Golenishcheva were able to clearly describe the extremely complex political situation, which had to act of Russian diplomats and the military in the period when Eastern Aleppo hosted the terrorists of the banned in Russia Jabhat al-Nusra and associated groups. In addition to this, the book tells about the efforts of Russia to deliver humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of Aleppo and the withdrawal of residents from extremists-held Eastern districts of the city.

“Deciding to write this book, I proceeded from the fact that it is impossible to speak the truth about how unfair the game took place around Aleppo, which sophisticated technologies were used to create obstacles to the efforts of Russia to support the Syrian army in the fight against terrorists in the city, to slander and to discredit the actions of our country to provide humanitarian assistance to ordinary Syrians. Can not forget about it to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The Syrian conflict is not over yet, and surely some will be tempted to repeat worked in Aleppo unfair technology in other similar situations. We need to be ready,” — said the diplomat RIA Novosti.

In the book, in particular, it is noted that the delivery of humanitarian assistance in Eastern Aleppo, as urged by the UN, the US and some regional countries, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were thwarted by the so-called “armed opposition”, which relied in particular on the support of the West and regional countries. Russian diplomats and the military, prikladyvala tremendous efforts to organize humanitarian convoys for the civilians that were subjected to unprecedented pressure from the UN. First and foremost, from the under-Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs and Briton Steven O’brien, who along with several members of the UN actually protected the interests wield in the East of Aleppo of insurgents. At the same time, the Western media waged an active campaign for discredit of Russia’s actions in Syria to combat terrorism, based on distortion of facts and stuffing of false information, and later oprovergaet even the UN.

The book also provides a list of initiatives put forward by Moscow to ease the suffering of civilians in Aleppo. Details the unique history of the Russian military operation to evacuate from East Aleppo, which resulted in the city was entirely under the control of the Syrian government.

The author also explains in accessible language the causes of failure achieved between Russia and the United States in December 2016 arrangements for Aleppo and shows prerequisites of the format of negotiations on Syria in Astana with the participation of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

“Exactly “the Aleppo question” largely provoked the intensification of the search for the optimal negotiation formats to resolve the conflict in Syria. And it is on Aleppo appeared monstrous partisanship, hypocrisy and cynicism of the Western press, zamaldinova numerous crimes of the radicals in the city, including the shooting of civilians trying to flee created by Syria and Russia humanitarian corridors. Unfortunately, in this unfair campaign has involved some representatives and UN agencies,” said khodynskaya-Golenishcheva.

Special value publication makes the fact that its author is directly involved in the negotiations with the United Nations, leading world and regional powers on the Syrian issue. In the book, the diplomat opens to the readers the “kitchen” behind the scenes on the Syrian issue in the UN, as well as considering the position of Russia and other players from the point of view of prospects of settlement of the crisis in Syria.

“Aleppo. War and diplomacy” is the third monograph Khodynka-Golenischeva. The first two books were devoted to the situation in Libya and the conflict in Syria.

The new book now available in stores of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Crimea, and soon will be released in five languages, including English, French and Arabic.