Instant reaction: what has changed in the lives of people after treatment in a “Straight line”


Thursday, June 15, the President of Russia will hold a traditional “Straight line”: will answer questions of Russians live television and radio stations. TASS remembered the most interesting and important topics from the communication of the President with the people and find out what happened after his statements

Ticket to “Artek” for a genius, from Yaroslavl

What was asked of the President. Eight-year-old Ilya Raevsky from Patricoski school in the Yaroslavl district, Yaroslavl region so talented that, despite his age, last year I was in fifth grade in primary school he graduated from just over a year. Elijah complained to the President that due to age he can’t get into the camp “Sirius” and “Artek”, but there is the opportunity to undertake serious study.

“This glaring omission, — said Putin. It says that those who organize this work, were not geeks, we can fix this”.

What happened after the “Straight line”. The Prodigy was given the opportunity to go to both camps. At Sirius he was a member of the Project change, held from 1 to July 24, 2016. Ilya took part in the work guidelines of “Design available electric car for emergencies”. The shift ended with a presentation where each team presented their project of the invention of the scientific expert Council. Vladimir Putin also attended this presentation. Now designed for MOE electric car exhibited in the science Park “Sirius”.