In Japan launched the production of armor for Pets

In Japan launched the production of armor for Pets

The Japanese company Samurai Age beginning the production of samurai armor for cats and dogs, reports the Daily Mail.

The cost of uniforms for Pets varies from 129 to 150 dollars depending on the size of the animal. At the moment the costumes are available in red, black, gold and silver color. On its website, the company accepts customized orders tailored to the specific needs of Pets and their fantasy owners.

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Some of the costumes for the animals based on the original legendary armor samurai. For example, the red costume at the puppy Shiba inu repeats the armor Sanada Yukimura, a hero of the Sengoku era in Japan.

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Traditional samurai armor made of leather, but the costumes for Pets are created from soft polyurethane foam and metal hardware. The company notes that the products are made by hand.

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