The interior Ministry and the Ministry of transport refused to change the rules of the road in favor of the bikers

The Russian interior Ministry and the Ministry of transport did not support the idea of allowing motorcyclists to ride between the rows. This issue removed from the agenda, reports “Kommersant”.

The interior Ministry considered the idea impractical. According to the SDA, in the presence of markup need to move lanes, with the intersection of the solid is not allowed. Parallel movement of multiple vehicles within a single lane is not prohibited subject to the safe side of the interval.

The transport Ministry also stated that the amendment is not strictly necessary.

To similar conclusions came in the expert center “Traffic without danger.” “Given the still insufficient level of skill of the drivers, the presence of motorcyclists in the aisle almost guarantees the growth of human victims”, — said the President of the center Natalia Agra.

Earlier in April, first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov has instructed the interior Ministry, the transport Ministry and the Moscow government to study the possibility of changes to the SDA to provide riders additional benefits to motorists. In particular, for bikers proposed to create a separate brake line and allowed to ride between lanes.