Libyan secret services has told about preparation of a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber in Manchester

A suicide bomber staged a terrorist attack in Manchester, were preparing an attack from December 2016. About it reports BBC News with reference to the press-Secretary of the Libyan intelligence Ahmed Ben Salem.

According to him, representatives of the Libyan authorities had information about the contacts of terrorist Salman Abedi, on Libyan territory and in the UK. Were you able eventually to transfer these data to the London, not specified. We only know that the special forces are in Libya more closely with the us CIA, than their British colleagues.

A month before the attack, Abedi held in Tripoli with his family. In the Libyan security services said that immediately set up surveillance on him, as well as a 20-year-old brother HaShem and their father Ramadan.

Brother of the Manchester bomber admitted that he along with Salman in 2015, he joined the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). It is noted that of HaShem and Ramadan detained in Libya immediately after it became known about the attack in Britain.

According to BBC News, citing data from the Libyan intelligence services, materials for making explosive devices bought HaShem, Abedi. In the British police, I do believe that Salman had independently developed most of the components for making bombs.