Forbes named the richest writers of 2016

Forbes named the richest writers of 2016

MOSCOW, June 13 — RIA Novosti. Forbes magazine published a list of women writers, whose works in 2016, has allowed its creators to receive the highest income, amounting to a total of more than $ 90 million.

The consolidated list of the highest paid authors in the world by the end of 2016, women held six seats from 17.

On the wave of popularity of the book “the Girl on the train”, which sold millions of copies, in the list of the richest writers broke Paul Hawkins. She took 5th place in the ranking, earning $ 10 million.

Has headed a rating of the richest writers the author of Harry Potter JK Rowling.

Books about the magic world continue to bring to its Creator a stable income, which last year amounted to $ 19 million. In “mixed” ranking Rowling took third place.

Second and third places in the “female” was taken by the famous novelist Nora Roberts and Danielle steel with the same annual income of $ 15 million.

The author of the controversial book “50 shades of grey” which received worldwide recognition after the release of the movie, Erika Leonard James is in fourth place with 14 million dollars.

Earlier, Forbes published a list of the celebrities with the highest income. It was headed by rap artist and music producer puff daddy (aka P. Diddy), who concluded in June 1 year, $ 130 million.