Putin: Leaders in the US change, but policy remains the same


RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin in an interview with the famous Director Oliver stone said that the us policy remains unchanged, no matter who was in the White house.

“Here’s something curious: the presidents in your country are changing, and policy is not” – said the President of Russia. He also noted that the two countries face common threats that must be defeated together. It is primarily the terrorists, to defeat them alone. Also of concern are the poverty in many countries, environmental degradation, climate change on the planet.

Despite the worsening relations past, present, Moscow and Washington never once been allies on many issues. “We supported the United States fight for independence. We were allies in the First world war, Second world war,” – said Putin.

Recall, a new work by Oliver stone called “Interview with Putin” will show on 12-15 June. And here are excerpts from four-part documentary can be found on the Showtime channel in YouTube.