The head of the Czech counter-intelligence told about the information war with Russia


RIA Novosti

The Russian authorities are waging an information war in the Czech Republic, filled the media space a large amount of information of ballast, according to Director of the Czech counter-intelligence BIS, Michal Koudelka. This opinion he expressed in an interview Hlídací

According to him, the purpose of the Pro-Russian media is the desire to fill the media space a large amount of information of ballast, which should deprive ordinary citizens of the fulcrum.

“Nothing is clear, there is an alternative however… On a real basis is overlaid dangerous misinformation…”, — he explained.

According to him, constantly provoked by the feeling that in fact the reality is another, around the deception that democracy is weak and Western society led by the European Union and NATO, is riddled with corruption and bureaucracy.

Koudelka said that this is happening on both sides of the imaginary barricades. “The West should also act, which he does. As for the counter-intelligence services, they must resist such phenomena, to recognize the potential risks,” added the scout.

In this case, answering a journalist’s question about “the environment in which Russia often creates their (dis)information structure in the Czech Republic”, he noted that the Internet, and therefore need to be trained to protect even the youngest users.

“The Internet is a free environment where you can distribute, in General, anything” — he explained.

Western politicians periodically have accused the Russian authorities of conducting an information war through the media. They argue that the misinformation is by spreading fake news, but the Russian side denies such attacks.