In Brazil arrested the son of the “boss of two worlds”

Brazilian police

Brazilian police arrested at the airport in são Paulo Vincenzo Macri (Vincenzo Macrì), the head of the clan Comisso, which is part of the ‘ ndrangheta, a major Italian organized criminal group originating from Calabria. Italian police have confirmed the capture of the offender, writes the newspaper Repubblica.

The man tried to fly to Venezuela, where he lived with forged documents. Operation on capture of the criminal was organized by the Brazilian police together with the Italian investigation and bodies of Interpol. In addition, it was planned to include in the lists of the most dangerous searched criminals of Italy.

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Vincenzo is the son of a reputed mobster Antonio Macri, who is called “boss of two worlds”. This nickname came from its activities in Canada and the United States. Antonio was killed in 1975 during a protracted war between the clans, which was called the “first war ndrangheta”.

In early June the Italian police arrested one of the bosses of a mafia clan ndrangheta, Giuseppe Georgie, who was wanted for 23 years. The operation to capture the criminal authority took place in his native town of San Luca, in Calabria.