The Creator of the Hawaiian pizza died in Canada

The Creator of the Hawaiian pizza died in Canada

The inventor of the recipe for Hawaiian pizza died in Canada. On Saturday, June 10, reports Sky News.

Sam Panopoulos (Sam Panopoulos) was 83 years old. He died in the hospital, which came shortly after celebrated their Golden wedding.

He invented a pizza of pineapple and bacon in 1962 and carried out the idea in the restaurant that belonged to him and his brothers. At first, the novelty of the visitors did not like. “But then as the chain broke down, because no one was mixing the sweet with the sour, the food was very simple,” said he.

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The name “Hawaii” comes from the brand of canned pineapple that were used when cooking the first pizza.

In November 2016 in the United States died Delegate Jim (Jim Delligatti), who in 1967 invented the big Mac. Sandwich the two cakes has become so popular that it is used to calculate the so-called big Mac index: a dish fit for this, as it contains the main agricultural products of any country. In English-speaking countries, this approach is called “burgernomics”.