Chitinskaya teen arrested after poisoning a “Mad bee” drug

In Chita, one of the teenagers caught this week in the hospital with drug poisoning allegedly after consuming candy, arrested. On Saturday, June 10, reported on the website of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Transbaikalian edge.

A young man born in 2000 charged under part 2 of article 228 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal acquisition and storage of drugs, committed on a large scale”). According to investigators, the young man bought and kept about 11 grams of synthetic drugs, packaged in wrappers of chocolates. At some point, he gave “sweets” four friends — three boys aged 4, 14 and 17 years old and 12-year-old girl.

During the search in the case of the poisoning of children, law enforcement officers found and seized the teenager has a illegal substance that coincides with the remaining candy wrappers. In the course of interrogation with a lawyer he confessed to the crime.

To sign him under arrest, the court decided in the circumstances of the case and of the arguments of the investigation that, “being at liberty, the accused may continue to engage in criminal activity, and to disappear from law enforcement bodies”. The guards, in particular, drew attention to the fact that the young man “for a long time consists on the account in police for two years by the decision of the court was placed in a special educational institution of closed type” and also a suspect in three thefts.

Information on hospitalization with poisoning five children after consumption of confectionery appeared on 6 June. Then argued that the minors ate found on the street candy “Mad bee”.