Trump called the testimony of Komi full justification for itself

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump said that the testimony of a former Director of the FBI James Komi in the us Senate fully justify it. On Friday, June 9, the White house wrote on Twitter.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
09 June 2017, 10:10

“Despite such a large number of false statements and deception, was complete justification… and wow, Komi is the source of the leak,” — said the American leader.

The day before trump’s lawyer said that the testimony of the Komi Republic confirmed that the US President had tried to obstruct the investigation about the alleged Russian interference in American elections.

Speaking in the Senate, the former head of the FBI said it did not believe that the head of state ordered him to abandon the investigation. However, according to Komi, the head of state “expressed the hope” that, according to Reuters. “I took it as an order. When the US President says “I hope”, I regard it as an order,” he said, noting specifically the word “order” was not pronounced.

Trump dismissed Komi on 10 may, on the recommendation of the Minister of justice, attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions. As was stated in a letter to ex-FBI Director, he “is not able to effectively lead” the Department.