The dogs killed two kangaroos at Kaliningrad zoo

In the Kaliningrad zoo in the attack dogs killed two female kangaroos. This was reported on the website of the zoo.

The incident occurred in the night of 9 June. Victims of stray dogs were two females kangaroo Bennett to five and ten years. “The police during the inspection of the enclosure found bits of dog hair and paw prints. In the process of further inspection of the perimeter fence had discovered the place of the alleged penetration of stray animals in the district of brook Park. In the span of fence was broken in one of the bars,” — said in the text.

It is noted that at the time of the attack in the aviary, there were 10 animals, including two calves born this year. The zoo staff found that the other kangaroo was not injured.

In February 2014 in the Kaliningrad zoo wild dogs killed five kangaroos. One pup, who was the deceased mother’s in the bag, the zoo staff managed to save and exit. After the incident, installed new fencing and a mandatory bypass of the perimeter guards.