On the face respond even unborn children

On the face respond even unborn children

Passing the light through the uterine wall of pregnant women, researchers found that 34-week-old fruits often turn his head to the side resembling face images. Article describing the results of a survey published in the journal Current Biology.

It is well known that infants are interested in faces more than other objects. In the new study, the researchers decided to find out whether there is this tendency after birth, or are already developing in the womb. “We have shown that the fetus can distinguish between the images, preferring those that resemble the faces, says Vincent Reid of Lancaster University, lead author of the work. It’s been known for a long time, but until now no one has tried to explore the uterine sight.”

The main problem of this kind of study was technical difficulties, but reed and his colleagues were able to overcome them. They realized that light can overcome human flesh and be visible inside the uterus, and also used the features of high-quality four-dimensional ultrasonic sensing, which allows us to examine the movement of fruit both in volume and in dynamics.

Scientists have studied the reaction of 39 fruit per literaturnye figures shown in the “correct” orientation and upside down. “There was a possibility that the fetus would be interested in any form in connection with the novelty of the stimulus, says Reid. — If it were so, we wouldn’t have seen the difference in reactions to stimuli with the correct orientation and incorrect. However, it appeared that they react almost the same way as the babies.” Thus it was found that the preference to entities formed before birth.