The demolition of a large city

The demolition of a large city

The history of the Muscovites, do not agree with the program of renovation. Issue No. 1.

The project of the Moscow authorities for the resettlement of the old housing stock has caused controversial reaction of the townspeople. Some wonder why the old, in their opinion, housing is not included in the program. Others are outraged that their good house in a comfortable area will be demolished. “B” begins a series of publications, each issue of which will be two different stories.

And I was going to bathe just! — Gulnur meets us in his dressing gown, with wet hands. A room in a former departmental hostel her husband had received in the late 1980s when he got a job at a concrete factory. The woman immediately leads us to the so-called shower — plastic, and wooden beams, the inhabitants had assembled the cab in the room where the project includes only the basins. Now it’s hot as in the steam room.

— To the children bathe, put heaters. In winter they are constantly working here, but still cold, explains Gulnur.

With her husband and three children, she huddled in a 30-meter room, which is separated by a plywood partition into two parts.

Our youngest daughter is sick right now, and we even air can’t — complaining about Gulnur. Hearing the conversation in the hallway, on the floor appear several residents. Even got the old lady with a cane.

— My mom is 82 years old! It is on the street for several years did not go: there is no Elevator and the third floor she’s down can’t. The balconies in this house either. Before the house was generally a lot of seniors, but they died, did not wait for the relocation! — complains Anna, leaning on the sill of the new plastic Windows in the hallway, with no hope looking to the middle new home.

It supports Galina, who lives in the next room. Despite the Sunny day, wearing a sweater with a throat.

— Anya and for 35 years living here. Stood on the stage, first in the factory, 23 years already in the city. If we do not get that then never. And I will remain here! No time to live normally, — complains a woman.

With the residents, we talk in the bathroom is the most vulnerable part of “multi-family” homes on the 1st of Vladimir.

— See, on this wall less fungus — shows the girl in short shorts. She wasn’t going to meet with journalists, just went out into the corridor to smoke.

— So he’s in the next room is gone! It Wallpaper won’t hold because of this — says the girl.

I went to the Association of mothers of large families, they helped to write a letter to the Department of urban property of Moscow. Officials have signed off that we have Central heating, hot and cold water and electricity — what else is needed? — throws up his hands Gulnur.

The room looks her eldest son. She apologizes and quickly goes to bathe the baby.

Outside the house show brothers Tarkhan and Shahwar.

— On the floor, we had a renovation in 2016. Changed the sinks, toilets, tile. But the good? We again fill the third floor — Tarkhan shows the corner of the house № 9. On bricks white fungus. Part of the wall on the third floor, patched with concrete. The spot neatly lined: figure simulates brickwork.

The parents of the Tarkhan and Sahara worked at the concrete plant and got a room in the house on 1-St Vladimirskaya in the 1980s. the Boys were born here, now they have their own families.

— We are podkashivaet, something repair. But how much of a donkey nor dress, he horse will not, shakes her head Tarkhan.

— When he came a few years ago to repair the water supply, the foreman called us in and showing that the pipes pouring — says Shahwar.— Wondering how we live here. There to weld the new pieces didn’t!

The beginning of the renovation of engineering structures the program overhaul is planned in the homes only in 2024.

Do not wait, our house will collapse, says Tarhan.


The city guide tells about the procedure of inclusion in the program of renovation of those houses that earlier in the program were not included.Anton Babelcompany Director of legal Bureau “Padva and Epstein”

In the law is proposed to include a provision stating that tenants do not fall into a program of renovation, will be able to apply for inclusion on the basis of minutes of General meeting of tenants in the course of which two-thirds of residents vote for inclusion of the house in the program. That is, the final legal solution to the problem of renovation of dormitories yet, but we can conclude that it is in the development stage.


22 may “b” sent to the press-service of the mayoralty of Moscow with the request to tell why the houses of the corridor type with communal apartments were not included in the renovation programme and what you plan to do with them. In a press-service reported that he had forwarded a request to the Department of construction. At the moment, the answer from city hall was not forthcoming.

To find the right house, wander along the yards, 3rd of Vladimir. Ask bystanders to find the right address, explaining that looking for “house for demolition”. “And here we are, all gone!” — meets an elderly woman with her granddaughter, but points to an adjacent building.

— We do almost all the house got a quarter! — says Elena Gulyaeva. It is part of an initiative group of residents who collect statements and conduct meetings about the renovation program.

We meet in the courtyard built by the corner of the house, around which the blooming chestnuts. Behind green Peeps renovated facade of the building. Last year here in the capital repair programme was put in order communication, replaced the bulb and wiring in the hallway, painted the walls. Even the balcony floor was reinforced and painted.

— The house was in good condition, — says Alexander Kuprin. Last summer she bought in this house apartment in a mortgage and make repairs.

Alexander was the first to sound the alarm when the building was in renovation programme. Put up posters, canvassed the building, went to the Prefecture with the requirement to exclude the house from the voting list. In the beginning it was supported by 26 people.

— We are almost unanimous — adds Elena.— Of the 78 apartments have only eight in the municipal property, there are people on contracts sotsnayma. Still a pass, but we contacted several owners, they also do not want the house demolished.

Here within walking distance of three schools and three kindergartens, polyclinics. Residents fear that they will be relocated to areas without such infrastructure.

— The layout of our house is closer to Khrushchev: odnushki and kopeck piece. But the walls are thick, warm in winter. Yes, the flats are small, kitchen is small… But I’m not ready, I see no reason to move, if I add five meters of the corridor, — says Elena. She lives in a one bedroom apartment with an area of 44 sq. m.

— When I walked into this house, understand what you want here. Now these homes are not built here, the ceilings of 2.85. And the view from the window! — Alexander interrupted. She opens the window in the stairwell on the fourth floor and shows: around nothing to be seen except the trees, which are to reach out a hand.— How can such an innocent view of any intersection or on the 15th floor — even if the trees are, they still will not see.

At the end of may it became known that one of the neighboring houses — at 3-ya Vladimirskaya, 18 — may be excluded from the renovation program. One third of the inhabitants of this house voted against the demolition on the portal “Active citizen”.

Elena and Alexander are hoping that they too will be able to defend their home. They’re particularly concerned about the lack of specificity in the program: tenants have not yet been offered resettlement options not named a series of houses and showed the layout of the apartments into which they can move.

— It’s hard to say what goals the leadership of our city, — says Elena. She grew up in the area and appreciate it for featured with low-rise and feel “if not in Moscow.”— If it is interested in the improvement of the city and the preservation of its traditions, such places are better to leave untouched. It is beautiful, is history! I think, even irrational, and partly barbarous — to demolish such a good home.


Citizens, exempting residential premises in apartment houses, included in the decision about the renovation, provided equivalent dwelling.Anton Babelcompany Director of legal Bureau “Padva and Epstein”

Under equivalent dwelling refers to a well-appointed living room, living and total area of no less old. And the number of rooms matches the number of rooms in the vacated space. Equivalent dwelling must be in the same area of the city of Moscow, where is located the apartment building included in the decision on renovation.