“Communists of Russia” called to defend the anthem from the attacks of the liberal democratic party belogvardeets

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

“Communists of Russia” considered the bill the liberal Democrats about the return of the national anthem of the Russian Empire provocation against the constitutional order of the country. The party statement published on the website of the political movement on Wednesday, 7 June.

“Another white trick on the eve of the anniversary of the Oct. Attempt to return to the Russian national anthem “God save the Tsar!” the intention to throw the country in a troubled time rasputinim and weak States with the illiterate population”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergey Malinkovich.

He called to protect the modern hymn “from the encroachments of the royalists infiltrated the Duma on the LDPR list”. “Russia will never return to the monarchy and such provocations need to rebuff,” — said a Communist.

Earlier Wednesday, the deputies from the liberal democratic party submitted to the lower house of the Parliament a draft law on the approval of the state Imperial anthem “God save the Tsar!”. According to the authors, the hymn “Russia — our sacred state,” Sergei Mikhalkov did not become a symbol uniting the citizens.

“God save the Tsar!” was the anthem of the Russian Empire from 1833 to 1917. The first official performance of the national anthem of the Russian Federation was held on 30 December 2000 in the Grand Kremlin Palace.