Summer resident in the Amur region punished for parked near the house of an armored car


The inhabitant of the Amur city Shimanovsk was fined for the fact that near it was parked armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2. The corresponding decision of the administrative Commission man gave RIA Novosti.

Alex Nikolchev explained that the city had erroneously classified the car, and thought he was placing her in the passage of open storm-water channels, committed the offense. Cottager has said it will go to court.

“BDRM is a vehicle, and therefore legal regulation must be determined by the law on road traffic safety,” said the man, noting that the equipment is registered in the Gostekhnadzor, and complaints from the traffic police was not. The machine itself is covered with a canopy.

According to Nikulicheva, it restores the armored car. Work on technique is his hobby.

BRDM-2 military exploit more than 50 countries, including Russia. On the highway the car is capable of speeds up to a hundred kilometers per hour on rough terrain — up to 10. Production of the armored car in the USSR was completed in late 1989.