Poklonskaya said that I broke up with a man that was getting married

Poklonskaya said that I broke up with a man that was getting married

SIMFEROPOL, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti, Victor Liashenko. The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya admitted that broke up with a man for whom going to marry.

Earlier media reported that the party “Yabloko” sent a request to the Prosecutor with the requirement to check why Poklonskaya has not indicated in the Declaration data on incomes of the husband and the car.

In an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy stressed that he is always carefully concealed private life, because everyone has the right to personal space, but time went such talk, ready to explain everything.

“Indeed, I said earlier in the press that I have a wonderful family: a husband, a child… And when I said it, I had a relationship with a man with whom we had intended to draw. But, unfortunately, it just so happened that we broke up. And so to specify someone in a Declaration in the form of my husband, I can’t because I don’t have it. That’s all a misunderstanding. I have, indeed, no husband. To explain then that I have a man and we want to make the relationship… It is also wrong. Who cares!?” said Poklonski.

According to her, there is another reason why it was married.

“There were very many people who cherished some hope to me meet, to build relationships, to meet… So that people do not hurt immediately and completely kill all desire, I said married, I have a wonderful family. Maybe that was not quite right… But in the Declaration all right,” said the Deputy.

On the topic of the car, Taylor told her that two years ago gave the car to his father’s birthday.

“He was an old “Zhiguli”, “five”, 1985 issue. Incidentally, the first car behind the wheel which I sat. I shouldn’t have to specify (in the Declaration — ed.) this car, because didn’t own it at the end of 2015 and since I have not learned the profit, as it was a contract of donation”, — said Poklonski.

The MP also showed a certificate from the Crimean Department of the traffic police. It is reported that, according to a Federal information system, the vehicle behind the MP is not registered.

In addition, Taylor has shown the certificate from 7 July 2015 to re-register her car “Hyundai Solaris” the new owner.

Natalia Poklonskaya was elected to the state Duma in September 2016. Prior to that, she for two years he held the position of Prosecutor of the Crimea.