During a hurricane in Chelyabinsk were injured two women

In Chelyabinsk, two women have suffered because of the hurricane. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the management to ensure the safety of the population.

It is noted that after a sharp increase in winds on Saturday, June 3, the local resident fell construction on Salyutnaya street. The victim was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. In city clinical hospital No. 3, said that 70-year-old woman is in neurosurgery in serious but stable condition.

Another victim went to doctors in connection with the cut glass from the broken wind window. From the hospital she refused.

As reported in urban rescue service, the hurricane in Chelyabinsk threw 72 of the tree. Two vehicles were damaged by the fallen trees. Remained without electricity for about 300 apartment houses, more than a thousand private houses and nine social facilities.

In Moscow, a hurricane on 29 may, killing 15 people. 14 felled thousands of trees, damaged buildings and 240 of about two thousand machines.