The source of “alien” signals called cosmic strings

Chinese and American scientists offered a possible explanation for fast radio bursts — a single powerful pulse, one explanation for which is the activity of aliens. The study is available in edition “”.

Experts believe that fast radio bursts are generated by superconducting cosmic strings relic-dimensional folds of space-time. These objects contain matter, which can act as a giant antenna emitting a powerful electromagnetic signals.

The radiation parameters of the hypothetical superconducting strings, according to the authors, are placed in the observed characteristics of reaching the Land of fast radio bursts. Scientists say that in order to test their hypothesis requires prolonged astronomical observations.

The first quick pulse was discovered in 2001 by a radio telescope in Australia, the data which is processed only by 2007. Have since confirmed the existence of about 20 such signals. Their likely source, scientists believe, in particular, a neutron star or aliens.